, 2014

Irvington to consider
traffic calming measures

by Audrey Thomasson

IRVINGTON—Speed humps, rumble strips, mid-block crosswalks and bump outs may be in the future for vehicles traveling through Irvington. The town council wants to hold a public meeting to discuss a variety of traffic calming remedies for Irvington Road (Route 3) and King Carter Drive.

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The effort to slow down traffic on Irvington Road at the hair-pin curve where it intersects with King Carter Drive has plagued residents for years. Last week, Virginia Department of Transportation resident administrator David Brown explained to council the pros and cons of several possible remedies.

“Anything that narrows the roadway will slow down drivers,” said Brown. Drivers will slow down when they travel through an area with parking on both sides of the roadway. Brown also suggested bump outs, like those used in Kilmarnock and White Stone, and adding mid-block crosswalks with pedestrian crossing signage.

Brown rejected councilman Bob Westbrook’s suggestion that VDOT put three-way stop signs at the intersection, noting that VDOT records indicate no history of accidents there in the past three years. A roundabout was rejected due to the amount of private property it would require.

Brown said VDOT would not install speed humps on the main thoroughfare of Irvington Road, but they can be installed on King Carter Drive. Speed humps are not as tall as speed bumps.

He suggested putting down rumble strips on Irvington Road by the flashing speed limit signs and on the center line for trucks cutting the corner at the curve. However, he warned that neighbors and business owners might be annoyed by the noise created every time a vehicle drives over the strips.

Brown also brought plans to put in new sidewalks on the north side of Irvington Road from the convenience store and along the road in front of the post office, connecting with existing sidewalks. Council gave him approval to start checking with businesses whose property would be affected.

Members asked VDOT to put in a right turn lane on King Carter where it joins Irvington Road.

Brown said he will check with VDOT engineers on council’s preferences.

A public meeting will be called in a couple of months to discuss the options with residents, said Mayor Rannie Ransone.

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