, 2014

Politicans saddling up for statewide
campaigns; local seats to be decided

RICHMOND—Virginia’s registered voters will elect a governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general this year, and several supervisors and school board members will be elected locally.

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While the Tuesday, November 5, general election is several months away, statewide candidates are jockeying for position throughout Commonwealth.

Republicans are planning for a convention May 17 and 18 in Richmond, while the Democrats are focusing on a statewide primary June 11.

The Republican field of candidates seeking nomination was corralled by a January 14 party deadline. Democrats seeking nomination must file their candidate declarations between March 11 and March 28, other candidate forms by March 28 and the party chairman must certify the candidates by April 2.

As the only person to file for the Republican Party nomination for governor, Ken Cuccinelli of Fairfax is that party’s candidate.

Seven Republicans are seeking the lieutenant governor nomination, including Jeanmarie Davis of Vienna, E.W. Jackson of Chesapeake, Scott Ligamfelter of Woodbridge, Steve Martin of Chesterfield, Pete Snyder of Fairfax, Corey Stewart of Woodbridge and Susan Stimpson of Falmouth.

Rob Bell of Albemarle County and Mark Obenshain of Harrisonburg are seeking the Republican nomination for attorney general.

On the other side of the fence, Terry McAuliffe of Arlington is campaigning for the Democratic Party nomination for governor.

Democrats Ralph S. Northam of Norfolk and Aneesh Chopra of Arlington are seeking the lieutenant governor nomination.

Mark Herring of Leesburg and Justin Fairfax of Springfield are seeking the Democratic Party nomination for attorney general.

Tareq Salahi of Arlington has announced he will run for governor as an independent.

Local posts

Lancaster County voters in Districts 1 and 5 will elect members to the board of supervisors and the school board. The District 1 positions are now held by supervisor F. W. “Butch” Jenkins Jr. and school board member Robert Smart. The District 5 positions are held by supervisor B. Wally Beauchamp and school board member Alexander McD. Fleet.

Northumberland voters in Districts 2 and 3 will elect members to the board of supervisors and the school board. The District 2 positions are held by supervisor Richard F. Haynie and school board member Dean W. Sumner. The District 3 positions are held by supervisor James M. Long and school board member Myrtle Phillips.

Candidates have until June 11 to file for the November 5 election, or June 17 to be certified by a party chairman.

Potential candidates for local office may consult the Virginia State Board of Elections website at sbe.state.va.us/indexhtml, or the local voter registrar.

In Lancaster, the voter registrar is Susan P. Jett. Her office is in the administration building at 8311 Mary Ball Road in Lancaster. Her phone number is 462-5277 and her email address is sjettt@lancova.com. The office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4 :30 p.m. Mondays through Fridays.

In Northumberland, the voter registrar is Kathy Goddard. Her office is in the courthouse at 72 Monument Place in Heathsville. Her phone number is 580-4655. Her email address is kgoddad@co.northumberland.va.us. The office hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays.

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