Tree expert will be among the speakers at gardening seminar
, 2014

Tree expert will be among the
speakers at gardening seminar

Tree expert Joe Murray will speak about common tree care mistakes at the Northern Neck Master Gardeners’ Gardening in the Northern Neck seminar March 23 at the White Stone Church of the Nazarene.

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Joe Murray will come out of the tree tops to speak at Gardening in the Northern Neck.

His presentation, “How We Hurt the Trees We Love: A Caregiver’s Dilemma,”  will examine how trees are able to deal with less than desirable growing situations and how “being parsimonious with your care” is often the best option.

According to Murray, “So many times trees are doing fine until someone perceives the need to do something resulting in real anatomical and physiological tree disorders.”  He suggests that “perhaps it’s time for us to roll back on our preventative practices” until we truly understand how trees function.

Murray teaches biology at Blue Ridge Community College, consults on tree biology issues and lectures at horticultural conferences across the country. 

“His lectures at the Master Gardeners’ summer continuing education program at VA Tech are a perennial audience favorite,” said Master Gardener spokesperson Sue Lindsey.

Murray speaks passionately about matching trees to the right site and taking appropriate care of them.

“Trees are the green infrastructure of a community,” according to Murray. “And unlike the gray infrastructure (streets, sidewalks, and utilities), the value of the green infrastructure appreciates over time.  Several decades ago, we primarily thought of trees as eye candy, now that has all changed. Trees are the lungs and kidneys of any community.”

Among other speakers at “Getting It Right: Gardening for Success,” nursery operator Mark Viette will talk about core practices for a successful garden, and Michael McConkey will talk about edible landscaping, a movement that emphasizes food production and esthetics.

The event will be held from 8:45 a.m. to 3 p.m. Doors will open at 8:15 a.m.  Master Gardeners will provide beverages, morning snacks, and desserts at lunch time. A selection of box lunches can be ordered in advance at a cost of  $12. Registration is $25 when received before March 15 and $30 after.

To register, visit, or call the Northumberland County Cooperative Extension office at 580-5694.  Send completed registration forms and checks to P.O. Box 400, Heathsville, VA 22473.

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