, 2014

Hospital gets green
light to market former
maternity center facility

by Audrey Thomasson

LANCASTER—The Family Maternity Center building may become a center for pediatric medicine, dialysis, urgent care or one of a number of other medical functions in the future.

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Lancaster supervisors approved rezoning and a special exception to allow Chesapeake Hospital Corporation, the contract purchaser, to market the building to potential medical businesses.

Attorney Mat Terry, representing Rappahannock General Hospital as part of the Bon Secours Hospital network, assured supervisors the hospital wants what best fits the community.

“RGH depends on this community for its business, both for patients and employees,” said Terry. “Market forces will dictate what can go there. Have faith in market forces...”

Supervisor Ernest Palin said he would not want to see uses such as an abortion clinic or 24-hour care facilities for rehabilitation for alcohol, drug or mental health.

Terry assured him this market probably could not support such a facility. The question was whether the hospital was allowed to broaden their marketing of the facility to a for-profit medical business. In the interim, the plan is to reconfigure the building for medical offices.

Palin made the motion for rezoning and special exception with a provision that the medical facility be used for outpatient only and between the hours of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The measure passed 5-0.

In other business, supervisors unanimously approved updates to chapters 3 and 5 of the county’s Comprehensive Plan, dealing with the potable water supply and public access to the water. There were no comments during the public hearing.

Supervisors also gave full approval to an application for special exception by Willie Williams to place a manufactured home on one acre zoned general residential, R-1, near the intersection of Devils Bottom Road and Riverwood Drive.

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