, 2014

Mandatory uniform policy takes
effect at LPS and LMS

by Audrey Thomasson

KILMARNOCK—Students at Lancaster Primary School (LPS) and Lancaster Middle School (LMS) will be wearing mandatory uniforms when they return to school September 3, under a new policy introduced by the school board.

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Parents of primary school students received advance notice of the policy in May, prior to the end of the school year. However, parents of middle school students may be surprised to learn that in June the school board extended the policy to include grades 4 through 8.

“Students and parents are expected to comply with the requirements,” said LMS principal Mike Daddario. “Questions about the policy should be directed to the schools. Compliance is everyone’s responsibility.”

School officials say clothing that meets the policy may be purchased from stores such as Peebles, Sports Center, Walmart, Family Dollar, Dollar General, J.C. Penney, Sears, Kohls and Target. They cautioned that clothing must fit the child but can be one size larger to accommodate growth.

The uniforms, as outlined below, will be required during the school day, during after-school activities and on field trips.


Polo-style shirts (long or short sleeve), tucked in at the waist, in solid colors of red, heather gray, white, navy or light blue. No visible logos are permitted. Turtlenecks or long sleeve T-shirts may be worn under the collared shirt; however, no patterns or prints should be visible.

Solid colored crew neck cardigan, v-neck sweater or fleece pullover in the same colors may be worn over the collared shirt.

Hooded apparel, sleeveless shirts, T-shirts or tank tops are not permitted.


Pants, capris, walking shorts, jumpers, skirts/skorts or shorts are permitted in khaki or navy blue with a 4-inch minimum inseam of respectable and modest length.

The clothing must be worn at the natural waistline and with a belt; no sagging pants are allowed.

Lounge wear, sweatpants, cargo style pants/shorts or pajama pants are not permitted.


Shoes must be worn at all times and be appropriate for the activity, such as tennis shoes for physical education or shoes safe for running and climbing on the playground. Footwear must enclose the toes and heels.

Slippers, flip flops and heels are not permitted.


Not permitted, except for religious or medical reasons, are hats, head coverings, visors or sunglasses. Documentation for exceptions must be provided by parents. During the school day, these items may be stored in school lockers.

Not permitted will be visible logos, signs or words on clothing.

Modest jewelry and hair accessories will be permitted, unless they pose a potential safety hazard to the student or others.

Not permitted will be chains, medallions, spikes or jewelry with inappropriate wording.

After school activities:

Uniforms are required for participation in after-school activities, except sports that require special clothing.

Evening activities require wearing the school uniform or clothing that meets the dress code outlined in the Student Handbook, except as required by special performances.

Physical Education class:

Appropriate footwear is required. Skirts or jumpers should not be worn without shorts.

According to Daddario, the schools are accepting donations of money or uniform tops, bottoms and belts for emergency purposes.

Tax holiday is August 2-4

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