, 2015

Supervisors authorize $24,000 to
dredge mouth of Greenvale Creek

by Audrey Thomasson

LANCASTER—Dredging the mouth of Greenvale Creek is becoming almost legendary. But residents think they may have come up with a solution to keep the site of the county’s only public boat ramp open for boat traffic for more than a season or two.

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Eddy Whichard of the Greenvale Creek Maintenance Association was granted $24,000 to cover dredging costs at last week’s board of supervisors meeting, after presenting a plan to extend the existing jetty another 150 feet upriver of the mouth of the creek.

“The jetty is 150 feet long. Adding another 150 feet should push the silt into the (Rappahannock) river stream and prevent it from closing up the mouth of the creek,” said Whichard. “Expected costs for the extension are $15,000.”

While the association doesn’t have approval yet to extend the jetty, Whichard said the $24,000 will cover the cost of mechanically dredging 1,000 cubic yards of sand from the creek entrance and disposing of it in a sand pit near the intersection of River and White Chapel roads.

“Will it prevent it from coming back?” asked District 4 supervisor William Lee.

Whichard said there were no guarantees.

According to the association’s records, the mouth of the creek was dredged by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 2009 at a cost of $200,000. Spoils were deposited up-river on the beach extending a quarter mile from the creek entrance. The sand migrated from the beach back into the mouth and a year later the creek entrance was nearly closed. Greenvale Creek residents raised $23,235 and the county contributed $12,000 to remove the sand, which was accomplished by mid-year 2011. The association also repaired a 50-foot jetty, but realized it was not sufficient and by 2012, had it extended to 150-feet.

On a motion by District 1 supervisor Butch Jenkins, the board voted 5-0 to approve the request.

In other business, supervisors unanimously approved special exceptions authorizing John and Clare Gwyer to expand their residence at 224 Cottage Cove Way in District 1 and Lachelle Henderson to place a manufactured home on a one-acre parcel off Buzzards Neck Road in District 2.

Supervisors also voted to opt out of the Virginia Stormwater Management Program and allow the state to administer the program rather than create a local program by July 1.

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