, 2016

Buying photos and newspaper reproductions

Instead of photographic prints, we now offer full-resolution JPEG image files. You can use these electronic files to create multiple prints at varying sizes from your own computer printer anytime you choose, or you can copy the image (to a thumb drive or CD, for example) and take it to a commercial photo printing station.

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The cost is $14.99 for the first image file and $9.99 for each additional image file that is purchased at the same time. Payments are accepted via cash, check or credit card.

To place an order, please email KC Troise at mail@rrecord.com or call 435-1701 - Ext 19. Tell us the date the photo was published, the page number, and a brief description of the photo.

We cannot sell photos taken by others or photos that show someone who makes a living from their image. We can, however, offer printable high-resolution files of whole newspaper pages containing such images at a cost of $19.99 per page.

Readers may purchase our photos and pages for personal use only, and are prohibited from reselling or redistributing the work. Rappahannock Press Inc. and the Southside Sentinel retain all copyrights to the images. The sale of an image does not transfer to the buyer any of our rights to that image.

Happy shopping!

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