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, 2014
Make a Touchdown and win!

Play the Rappahannock Record's
Footbal Contest!

Try your luck and play the
Rappahannock Record's
2014 Football Contest!!
Last Week’s Winner:
Wendi James, Williamsburg

Rappahannock Record
2014 Football Contest

This Week’s prize:$50 Gift Certificate to Windmill Oyster Co.
Donated by Horsley Real Estate, LTD.

Official Rules:

Each week during the football season, featured games will be listed in the advertisements of businesses sponsoring this contest. Pick the winner of each game from the sponsoring merchant’s advertisement and write it on the correct numbered line of the entry blank below or a copy thereof only. Incomplete entries will not be judged and only one entry a week per person may be submitted.

Entries must be delivered to the Rappahannock Record office before 5 p.m. each Friday, or mailed to the Rappahannock Record Football Contest, P.O. Box 400, Kilmarnock, Va. 22482, with a postmark no later than Friday or enter online at (same deadline).

The Person who picks the most correct winners will win a $50 gift certificate to a local business. In case of a tie, the first tiebreaker game will decide the winner. If there is still a tie, the second tiebreaker game will decide the winner.

Please click below on participating vendor ad icons to visit their websites!

2. West Point @ King William

Enter the name of the winning teams in the correct numbered box below, fill in your name, address, telephone number and then click on the submit button.


3. Middlesex @ King and Queen

Buenos Nachos Mexican Grill

1. Lancaster @ Colonial Beach

4. Mathews @ Charles City

9. Washington @ Minnesota

5. Essex @ Washington and Lee

8. Boston College @ VA Tech

7. ODU @ Vanderbilt

6. UVA @ Georgia Tech

 Pick winner in 1st Tiebreaker
and give total points to be scored.
Arizona @ Dallas

Pick winner in 2nd Tiebreaker
and give total points to be scored.
Baltimore @ Pittsburgh

 Name, Address & Telephone #:

Submit this form to the Rappahannock Record
before 5 p.m., Friday, October 31, 2014.
Good luck to all!


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