August 30

Rappahannock at Middlesex

August 31

Northumberland at Northampton
Franklin at Essex
Mathews at Washington & Lee
Blessed Sacrament at King & Queen
Rappahannock County at West Point
Windsor at Nandua

September 7

Lancaster at Mathews
West Point at Rappahannock
Chincoteague at King & Queen
Essex at King William
Colonial Beach at Franklin
Northampton at Surry

September 14

Lancaster at Middlesex
Northumberland at Mathews
Washington & Lee at Rappahannock
Surry at Essex
Colonial Beach at Sussex
Northampton at Windsor
West Point at Chincoteague

September 21

Nandua at Lancaster
Middlesex at Northumberland
King William at Washington & Lee
Rappahannock at King & Queen
Park View at Franklin
Northampton at West Point
Greensville at Surry
Sussex at Southampton
Windsor at Brunswick

September 28

John Paul the Great at Lancaster
Northumberland at Christchurch (1 p.m.)
Mathews at Rappahannock
Essex at Thomas Jefferson (4 p.m.)
West Point at Colonial Beach
Middlesex at Northampton
Chincoteague at Broadwater Academy
Surry at Franklin
Sussex Central at Windsor

October 5

Essex at Northumberland
Rappahannock at Colonial Beach
King & Queen at West Point
King William at Mathews
Franklin at Brunswick
Windsor at Surry
Park View at Sussex
Portsmouth at Chincoteague
Atlantic Shore Christian at Northampton

October 6

Lancaster at Washington & Lee (4 p.m.)

October 12

Rappahannock at Lancaster
Colonial Beach at Essex
King & Queen at West Point
King William at Mathews
Sussex at Franklin
Southampton at Surry
Greensville at Windsor
Chinctoeague at Blessed Sacrament

October 13

Washington & Lee at Northumberland (2 p.m.)

October 19

Lancaster at Essex
Colonial Beach at Northumberland
Rappahannock at Washington & Lee
Mathews at West Point
King William at Middlesex
Franklin at Greensville
Surry at Park View
Brunswick at Sussex
Windsor at Southampton
Richmond Christian at Chincoteague

October 26

Lancaster at Colonial Beach
Northumberland at Rappahannock
Essex at Washington & Lee
Middlesex at King & Queen
West Point at King William
Windsor at Franklin
Brunswick at Surry
Sussex at Greensville
Windsor at Franklin
Northampton at Nandua

November 2

Northumberland at Lancaster
Rappahannock at Essex
Washington & Lee at Colonial Beach
King & Queen at King William
Middlesex at Mathews
Franklin at Southampton
Surry at Sussex
Park View at Windsor
Arcadia at Northampton

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