NHS announces principal’s honor roll

Northumberland High School recently released its principal’s honor roll, straight As, for the first quarter of the 2016-17 academic session.

Seniors on the honor roll are Jonathan Franklin Clark, Laderah Omesha Daye, Samantha Grace Fisher, David Christopher Henning, Austin James Hinton, Jillian Sawyer Jett, Thomas Joseph Kimmitt, Emily Michaela MacLeod, Hannah Brooke Mitchell, Alexis Nicolle Newsome, Adrienne Lynn Rogers, Saprina Shanice Seldon and Matthew Isaac Sprague.

Juniors on the honor roll are Hannah Allison, Shannon Baker, Khadijah Bea, Savannah Blake, Dillan Buchanan, Akira Carlson, Collin Chinn, Wesley Clarke, John Hanock, Christian Headley, Broheim Jackson, Abby Kiss, Denzel Mitchell, Kimberly Palka, Mark Ranson, Hannah Stout, Lauren Suchan, Lizzie Swann, Zachary Swift and Morgan Wilson.

Sophomore’s on the honor roll are Nicholas Basye, Erin Burgess, Guadalupe Castro, Madison Clarke, Blake Edwards, Latney Hodges, Rachel Jackson, Jean Jett, Emily McYoung, Annie Newsome, Lotoya Patrick, Anna Pitts, Daisy Ramirez-Flores, Zoie Sadler, Danielle Sheridan, Kimberly Taylor, Timothy Vanlandingham and Tahi Wiggins.

Freshmen on the honor roll are Rebecca Baker, Taylor Basye, Bernadette Blackwell, Bess Blake, Jenna Bramblet, Perry Evans, Andrew Hunter, Anna Jett, Hector Larios Jr., Cameron Lewis, Kelsey Moss, Timothy Myers Jr, Chloey O’Bier, and Autumn Taylor.

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