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What is a PDF?

A PDF is a standard for electronic distribution that faithfully preserves the look and feel of the original document complete with fonts, colors, images, and layout.

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You can download the Rappahannock Record as a PDF file anytime, from anywhere with an internet connection! The files are compatible with both Macs and PCs, they look just like the printed paper and they're available as early as Wednesday night. That means you get the news a day early! Plus, you get access to our PDF archives where you can download past issues of the Rappahannock Record, dating all the way back to October, 2003. PDF subscriptions are perfect for readers who travel frequently, or experience delays receiving the Rappahannock by mail.

Your online annual subscription ($35.00) gives you access to this week's Rappahannock Record and access to all the archived issues since October 16, 2003.

With changes to the new postal system, many subscribers outside the area are experiencing delays in receiving the Rappahannock Record by mail. Now, with an online subscription, everyone has the ability to read the Rappahannock Record as soon as it is published.

View these samples for January 6, 2011: Sect A, Sect B, Sect C, Sect D

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