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To see your pet on Pet of the Week, email photo, names of pet and owners and something fun about your pet in 50 words or less to mail@rrecord.com. Watch www.rrecord.com to see your pet!

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Hi my name is Hunny Bunn . . .

. . . and I am the newest edition to the Raymo family! I am a Chiweenie, a cross between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund, a little bit of the best of each. I must be very popular because my mommy was on a waiting list for me for ten months! I like my sisters and my new home in Kilmarnock.

Rebecca Wright-Raymo

To see your pet on Pet of the Week, email photo, names of pet and owners and something fun about your pet to mail@rrecord.com. Watch www.rrecord.com to see your pet! 

We are Timmy and Mayzie

Timmy says " Mayzie they're supposed to be home by now."
Mayzie says " I know ! "
The wonderful rescue cats that allow Brian and Eileen Conboy to share there home.

My name is Buddy. 

I am a very spoiled Bichon Frise.  My mommy takes me with her everywhere.  Last week I went to Food Lion and rode around in the fire truck.  I got a lot of attention, which I like.  I was the DD that day (Designated Dog) My master is Cheryl Karcic.

My name is Gabriel

"I have just gotten sweeter and sweeter with age. I love my mother Regina more than anything in this world! Brooke is my favorite co-worker" ;D-"Gabe" 

My name is Sargent Fauntleroy

I am a very healthy beagle with excellent manners. I happen to be in need of a home.. I love any and everybody! Please email Brooke Carrillo at brcarrillo90@gmail.com if you would like to learn more.

My name is Mr. Boots.

I love napping every where, but especially in the basement or the recliner in the den. I also enjoy sitting on my perch outside the kitchen window. My owners are owned by Rebekah and Michael Haynie

Hi, my name is Rusty,

I was rescued by my family. I'm part lab/part golden retriever. I have the run of the property and share the house with Bill and Maryann & the 3 children. I have my own basket of toys. Oh & I love ranch dressing!

My name is Bad Mitten.

I love being Bad! Some of favorite things to do are shred the mail and climb under the sheets. I have a very loving side and don’t really think too hard about life. I also will not let anyone go to the bathroom without me! Meow!
I get fed by Lacey Lester & Jeb Amiss of Wicomico Church.

Hi, my name's Kittypoo!,

I act crazy most of the time, but when I'm not, I love to snuggle with my mom. I've never met a box or a bag I didn't like and I love playing with my toys my grandma buys me.

Hi, my name is Dixie . . .,

. . . and I am a guest at the Pet B & B in Heathsville, compliments of the Northern Neck Humane Society.  I am 4 years old and sweet as can be, but I need a new family, so please adopt me.  Please help the Humane Society help dogs like me at www.NorthernNeckHumaneSociety.org

Hi, my name is Blue,

I live in Weems, VA and I'm a 16-month old Standard Poodle.  While my mother and father are Show Dogs from Canada, I love spending time with my dogmate, Terry, a minature poodle.   I love stealing treats from Terry when he's not looking, and my absolute favorite is going to the dog park and fetching his favorite stick that he carries with him. 

Blue Boy is very intelligent and loves spending time with me and daughter, Shelly.

Hi, my name is Holly,

I'm a fun-loving rescued Labradoodle who lives in Gloucester who particularly loves cooler weather, when all that fur serves its purpose! I can jump higher and run faster than any dog my mom has ever met!

Hi, my name is Barbie,

I'm kinda long in the tooth at 13 years old and I may not have enough teeth left to cradle my tongue but I'm living out the rest my life with dignity, plenty of love and affection from my new adoptive parents.

KC & Linda Troise

Hi, my name is Bosco,

I'm wishing my Dad a Happy Birthday. I lived for a long time in the King William Animal Shelter but now make my home in Lancaster. I love to eat chicken and play with Angel and Striper.

Peggy & Mark Williams

Hi, my name is Felix,
(aka Boo Boo)

We adopted Felix from his foster mom through AWL about 2 years ago after seeing his picture in the Rappahannock Record. His favorite activities are sleeping, cuddling, hunting squirrels in the back yard and playing with his toys.
Amy & Ronnie Oliff

Hi, my name is Polo,

While my owners were on vacation I stayed with my Dad -at Bobby's Marine that week! I was the greeter for the week!

Hi, we are Abby and Ally,

Abby,10 years old Cocker and her new sister, Ally, 8 months old, Malti-poo enjoying the porch rocker together! 

Hi, my name is Blossom Belle.

I'm enjoying all the toys and high chair left behind by Butterfly who sadly passed away.  I'm a little Shipoo named Blossom who is a little ball of energy.

Meet rat terriers Tuffy and Sugar.

Tuffy just turned 1 in May & Sugar will be 2 in August. They love to play chase and fetch.

Hi, I'm Mcgraw . . .

. . . named after Tim Mcgraw. I'm a 5 year old yellow lab, weigh100 lbs and love everybody.

My masters are Wm & Brenda Pittman of Weems, Va.

Hello, our names are Bentley and Lambo,

We are rare Italian mastiffs called Can Corsos pronounced khan-nay-corso. Bentley on the left is 1 year old and Lambo is 2 years old.

Hi, my name is Miss Isabella...

. . .Miss Isabella loves snuggling during the day, and keeping her mom awake at night. She particularly enjoys running around the house as fast as possible and walking all over sleeping people. Her friends consist of the fish in the fish tank and the mysterious outdoor cats who come to her window. She may be cute, but looks can be deceiving! 

Hi, my name is midnight...

. . .I came here by way of California. I was a stray and I traveled with my owner Krista by car. When I got to Virginia I was left with her parents because I couldn't go back to another city. So now I am daddy's boy. I just wait for him to come home from work so I can curl up in his lap. Now I have it made. I go outside and inside, I really love my life here.

Hi, My name is Smoky. . .

. . .my daddy calls me Frankin Kitty cause I am still young and sometimes get in trouble. I just love to get in trouble. I was de-clawed because originally I belonged to my daddies daughter and lived in the city and couldn't go outside. Then she moved and went to mom and dads house. I love to play (I think that's what gets me in trouble). I do go outside because I am an alpha male and can still take care of myself, even without front claws I climb some trees

Hi, My name is Spencer William Bonner . . .

. . . and my parents are Steve & Lynn. I was born in January 19th, 2013 and my new home is in Kilmarnock. I not only get to play and have fun at home, but my parents take me to work so I can meet lots of new people. If you want to meet me, come by Kilmarnock Antique Gallery and you can also bring your pet along. They are giving me a big role as Gallery Mascot!

Hi - My name is Cinnamon

I lived at an animal shelter when my people-mom came looking for a feline companion. There were 76 cats there that day, but she picked ME!
I sometimes sit on the computer printer to get attention from my people-mom! It works, too! I'm an inside kitty, but occasionally my people-mom will let me investigate around the yard when she's outside with me. Scares me a little, but I love the smells and sounds out there. I always get a Whisker Lickins treat when we come back inside.

Hi, I’m Chica . . .

. . . and this isn't even Saturday night bath time. I betcha my 3 feline buddies don't have to go through this.

I’m Smokey . . .

. . . an 18 month old Lab mix that lives in Lancaster and Blacksburg while my mom goes to school.  My parents adopted me when I was a puppy and I love being outside and playing.  I love peanut butter and swimming.  I also like nap time and belly rubs.

Hi! My name is Daisy-Do . . .

. . . and I belong to my mommy Rebecca Wright-Raymo of Kilmarnock.  She was told that I'm a "special-needs" puppy and that I would most likely never see very well or run or climb or go down stairs or hold my head straight.  Well, maybe so, but I run like the wind with my sisters and have learned to go up stairs.  Down is next! I'm one happy girl.

Hi, My name is Balkey,

I am a new dog in town, of Kilmarnock.  Mom found me one day after I had been hit by a car. She took care of me until I was well.  I love chew bones,  playing, licking children,my monkey and long walks.  I am Border Collie, Beagle and Hobbit (Notice feet). Please remember when you get pets not to throw them away or abandoned them on the road like I was.  I was a shelter puppy one time but I grew up and thrown away.  I am a good dog now, love to please and I really was worth saving, twice.

Introducing Truffle!

She Loves Farm Life in Heathsville. She Frolics, Jumps, Bounds and even Balances on fallen trees.

Hi, my name is "Uroplatus Henkeli",

I am a Henkel's leaf tailed gecko I live with my friend Ethan M. Allen who runs www.riversidereptilesonline.com. I enjoy staying up late at night, dining on tropical roaches, and long naps during the day. I'm the kind of guy that prefers to blend in to my surroundings rather than stand out in a crowd. Unfortunately ladies, I already have a girlfriend. We are hoping to have babies later this year.

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