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To see your pet on Pet of the Week, email photo, names of pet and owners and something fun about your pet in 50 words or less to mail@rrecord.com. Watch www.rrecord.com to see your pet!

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To see your pet on Pet of the Week, email photo, names of pet and owners and something fun about your pet to mail@rrecord.com. Watch www.rrecord.com to see your pet! 

Hi, my name is Korra,

I am a 11 months old Carolina Dog/American Dingo mix. I was adopted from a XOXO Pet Rescue, a rescue group who saved me and my litter mates in North Carolina. I love peanut butter, being outdoors, and playing with my humans. I'm very smart and attend obedience classes at the Gloucester Kennel Club and am currently working becoming a Canine Good Citizen. I reside in Gloucester with my human family and two feline brothers.

Hi, my name is Flash. . .

I live in Weems and spend a lot of time sneaking up to romp with the neighborhood deer in my backyard.

Hi, my name is Onyx . . .

. . . and I’m a very sweet 5 year old black lab.  I love playing frisbee in the back yard and I REALLY love playing at the beach.  On rainy days I definitely don’t mind snuggling up on my blanket and watching tv.  I live in White Stone with my parents, Barry and Patty Dawson.

My name is Bell,

The sweetest kitty in town. Bell loves hiding in the highest spots in her house, her mom thinks she secretly has rocket jets on her feet. Bell also loves snuggling, playing with shoe strings, and stalking bugs. Her full name is Isabella, and she was adopted from the humane society when she was two months old.

My name is Angel,

I am a bull mastiff lab mix. I belong to Michael Wilson and Debbie Packey. I love to go riding in the car, I love to play fetch, I get along very well with my cat sister Izzy. I love to dress up in my doggie clothes. and I love to eat! I love to curl up in bed with my Daddy but then theres no room on the bed! I am a big baby, I think I'm a lap dog!

Hi, I'm Prince,

Prince was apparently hit by a car. The ball of his left rear hip is out of the socket. He was among 300+ animals in a West Virginia Rescue Shelter that was caught in the blizzard associated with Hurrican Sandy. The shelter lost power and was significantly overloaded(they had only 28 kennels). The Northern Neck Humane Society offered to help adopt some of the animaals and 40 were brought to the Pet B&B in Heathsville. 31 have been adopted, but we need more help. Prince is available to be adopted and he is a very sweet dog. His surgery has been paid for thanks to the Animal Welfare League of the Northern Neck. Please visit www.NorthernNeckHumaneSociety.org or call Tom Kimmitt (804)453-7111 for more information.

Hello everyone! My name is Sage.

I am 12 1/2 years old. I live in Topping, Va. but, I spent most of my life in New Jersey, so I guess that makes me a come-here, but, aren't we all? I love to lay in the sunshine and watch the squirrels play. I haven't been feeling well lately so I had to go get checked out at my vets. Dr. Jones said that I have a large tumor on my liver. I was suppose to go be with my sister Ivy, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Ivy told me it wasn't my time yet, so Dr. Jones has taken really good care of me. She gives me medicine and keeps me comfortable. My family, Sherrie, Cary, Jasmine and Aunt Sandy will miss me very much when it's time for me to cross the Rainbow Bridge. I will miss them too, but, Ivy will be there to meet me and we can play together again until my family comes to live there with us.

My name is Butterfly

Butterfly is a Papillion who is spoiled rotten and loving life.  She eats from her yellow high chair, enjoys her walks with her uncle, waits patiently for her attention.

I'm Chica the dog, Mini, Mickie and BeBe,

Just hanging out with my buddies and taking an afternoon snooze. Life is great!

Hi, I'm Bentley,

I'm three years old and a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen. My dad has a restaurant in White Stone which he has named after me. During the day when dad is at work grandma watches me. I have plenty of love to go around.

Hi, I'm Bigboy,

I am a very playful character and I don't bark but screech. I would be best suited for a one dog family. My lineage is not known, but may contain wolf. For more information call: Joyce Page 804-426-0091

My name is Lacie

I belong to Cory Rice and we live in Reedville. I am 8 months old and very active. I love to play and fetch. However, what I really love to do is swim and I am lucky to live where I do because it is the perfect place to do that!

Hi, my name is Mia Lollipop Bishoff. . .

. . . (at least according to my brother Cayden) and I am 10 weeks old.  I have already learned to sit, lay down, crawl, shake, and high five so I think I am pretty smart.  I enjoy spending my day at the Rappahannock Record but my mom says I am almost old enough to stay by myself. I personally enjoy all of the attention I have been getting!

Hi, my name is Hobbs!

Hobbs is 12 years old and is the owner of the Bishoff family from Weems. When I an not being carted around by my faithful servant Kelsey, I like to lay on the porch and snooze!

Hi, my name is Minnie!!

We adopted Minnie and her twin brother, Mickie a month ago. She is 5 ? months old  now and their big sister, Chica, a little 15 lb weechon (westie/bischon) loves them like her own! We’re so glad we didn’t separate them at the time of adoption. They all keep each other company and keep us laughing! My caretakers are KC & Linda Troise.(KC keeps us going when we chase the beam of his Laser Light pen!)

Hi, my name is Bay!!

I came from the Animal Welfare League, where I lived in two different foster homes. Before that I spent sometime in the Lancaster Animal Shelter, where my owner dropped me off. Thank goodness I wasn't a very good hunting dog or my previous owner would have never dropped me off and I would have never found my new home. It's a great family and I know I'm very loved here! They keep buying me chew toys (I think it's so I stop chewing on their remotes)

Woof! My name is MC Rayne . . .

. . . and the Williams family loves to see me entertain them in my cool pink hat. Here's a clue pet lovers... whatever it takes to get more treats, we are willing to do. Hmmm, I guess I better keep my doggy cap on to think about my next entertaining act to get more treats that are scrumptious! MC Rayne signing off....WOOF - WOOF

Hi, My name is Gavin.

I was adopted from the Northumberland Animal Shelter July 13th. After staying there for 4 months I am so glad to be with a new loving family. They say "That I am good as gold." I have stayed on my best behavior. I have not barked yet, I take my treats gentilly, I walk on my leash without pulling, and I am house trained. I always make sure that I stand up and give them a hug when they get up in the morning and when they come home from work. My favorite is Hannah, she stays home all day with me and takes me outside when I want to go. My owners are The Mitchell/Lewis Family of Ophelia, VA.

Hi, I'm Muffin . . .

. . . playing with the boys in the Great Wicomico River.

Hi, I'm Rascal,

I'm 5 months old, and a maltipoo (Maltese and Toy Poodle mix). My master is Emma Oliver of Hartfield. She received me as a gift for her 8th birthday. I'm also a frequent visitor to the Rappahannock Record.

Hi, I'm Ginnie,

Ginnie (short for VirGINia State Highway 360) was found living in a motel parking lot in Warsaw. She is a total lapdog - a 2 year old spayed Chihuahua that needs a loving family. She is a sweet little thing that you will fall in love with instantly. Please call Tom at the Pet B&B in Heathsville (804)453-7111 www.PetBandB.com or Regina (804)453-3114 at the www.NorthernNeckHumaneSociety.org to adopt her, join the Society, volunteer or contribute.

Meet The Dude...

The Dude is a lover of Damerons Marsh, when he isn't chewing shoes he can be found chasing deer and squirrels.  Dude may not be the best trained dog but he is loyal to his family and goes everywhere with us.

Meet Hank Fols...

He found his "forever" home about 2 years ago when he came across a family having Thanksgiving dinner. Hank was peeking through the woods until a little girl took his some turkey. From that moment on he was in love. Hank Fols comes to work with David Fols the Service Manager at Northern Neck Chevrolet every day. He might as well have a time card. Everyday he shows up with a smile on his face.We don't know what we would do with out him at our dealership.

My name is Ursula,

I was adopted back in November by Bonnie and Autumn Ainsworth. They call me a goofy little dog, but I don’t care! I like sitting with them, while they pet me, and if they stop, I just use my paw and swat at them, letting them know I want more lovin’. I also love going to the doggy park in Kilmarnock, it’s so nice to run free without a leash. As you can see, I am a pretty happy girl!

My name is Milan,

I have a new home with 3 news friends to play with. I miss my old owner but my new owners, Angie and Gary are good to me. I have a special place just for me to play with my favorite toy, my red ball.

Hi, my name is Sophie,

Sophie takes in the morning, and the birdsong.

Woof! My name is Bently,

My dad (Kevin Rich) named me King, but the family calls me by two others names (Bently & PupPup). Yes, I answer to all three because I know there's a treat involved. Everyone says I'm adorable, but don't let the puppy face fool you, because I'm tough when I have to be. Overall, I'm spoiled and in this stage of my life, I just like

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