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To see your pet on Pet of the Week, email photo, names of pet and owners and something fun about your pet in 50 words or less to mail@rrecord.com. Watch www.rrecord.com to see your pet!

Yor pet will be featured for the week and will move down the list in rotation.

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To see your pet on Pet of the Week, email photo, names of pet and owners and something fun about your pet to mail@rrecord.com. Watch www.rrecord.com to see your pet! 

Hi, I'm Skipper

Skipper is a handsome and well trained gentleman that enjoys playing with kids and cats. He is very lovable and has an excellent disposition. His parents say that after he stays at the Pet B&B, he sleeps the entire next day."

Hi, I'm Bear

. . . a very special Golden Retriever. With the exception of liking to eat tomatoes out of the garden, he is a perfect guest at the Pet B&B (www.facebook.com/PetBandB
and www.PetBandB.com) when his parents travel. Bear had a stroke a few months ago and it has slowed him down a little and causes him to walk kinda sideaways, but he one of the the lovingest dogs in the Northern Neck. He likes to put his head between a humans knees, which we call "the Bear Hug" and he is nice to cats.

We are Elvis and Magic the WRIGHT BOYS

. . and we belong to Rhona Wright of Kilmarnock!  We are oldies but goodies - Elvis (L) does "doga" with his mommy every night while Magic Man (R) hits the sack early so he can get his mommy up in time for work!

Hi, my name is Marley Frith.

I live in Weems with my Dad Jonathan, his sister Katie and her children Haley and Elijah. I was adopted in December from Wendy‚ Feline Friends in Colonial Beach. I just love my new home. I spend my days either sleeping or playing. When I came home Katie‚ cats, Lola and Bootsie, were not very happy. But slowly they warmed up to me and now we are one big happy family. I love playing with Lola and Bootsie. Sometimes they get a little tired of me. I don‚t mean to bug them, I just LOVE to play. If you are looking to adopt, Ms. Wendy‚ place is full of kittens and cats that need a forever home. Visit her website www.wendysfelinefriends.org for more information.

Hi, my name is Kora!
I am a beautiful and spirited 3 year old siberian husky. I love the snow and I hope for at least one more day of it! My mom, Reed, took this photo of me about two weeks ago and it captured my serenity.

Hi , My name is Quigley . . .

. . . and I am a 9 month old Australian Cattle Dog. I am an applicant with the Virginia Search and Rescue team . I am training for Wilderness Live finds . When someone goes missing my handler (who is my human mom) and i will go in and help our team find them .. I live in White Stone , Va and love the job i am about to do . My mom , Cheryl, and i go up town so i can learn every person i meet is very nice , so if you see us in a store , outside ,stop , my mom will give you a treat to give me (my fav part of this training, he he ), and say 'hi' and maybe give me a pet .. I am a very friendly boy .. See you around ... Quigley  & Cheryl Gallagher

Hi, I'm Lacey

I’m on a MISSION to find that dastardly squirrel,  my favorite thing next to chasing rabbits,) but they are harder to track in the snow.  I’m a  country dog and rarely have to be on a leash.   I always ride shotgun in the truck to lots of  different places in all over Lancaster and Northumberland to help my mom tend the gardens, but mostly I hunt the varmints there.  Sometimes I tease the cats into playing with me.  Every Monday I go to town to greet all the customers and staff at the Bank of Lancaster where I supervise my mom’s  taking care of all the houseplants. On the average, I can collect up to six or seven doggie treats, a mother lode!   I love to ride the elevation here all the way to the third floor, which makes me “Top Dog” in Kilmarnock.  Everybody there knows me as “Lacey,” but if I misbehave, (which is rarely, BTW) my mother (Julie Thostenson) gives me a stern….”Now, Lacey-Lou….you know better’n that!”  Yep, a lucky dog is what I am!

Hi, my name is Allie!

. . . and I love sleeping with my big sister Lucy.  I like to snuggle with her when its cold.  Her long red fur keeps us both warm! My parents are Bonnie and Les Spivey of Kilmarnock.

Hi, my name is BJ!

I'm a chow mix rescued last year from Northumberland shelter on what was to be my final day of life. (Thanks to sheriff's investigators Joanie Kent and Jim Bruce for finding my new home!). New to living indoors, I had to learn how to climb stairs, ride in cars and sleep on a comfy dog bed. I love doggie day care, long walks and a romp in the snow—especially Sunday morning's dusting.

Hi, my name is Carmen!

I live in Fairport. I am 9 years old, and my owners call me fat and happy! During the summer months you can usually find me at Buzzard Point Marina in Fairport, I'm a true marina-dog! I was rescued at the Lancaster Animal Shelter many years ago and feel blessed to have grown up with this wonderful family! Rescue/adopt animals, they all deserves a chance!

Hi, my name is Otis. . .

. . . and I live with my family Shannon, Nicole, Kendall and Hailey Marsh.  I like chasing deer, rabbits, cats and anything else that will run from me.  I also enjoy people food on a daily basis and no one is safe from my cute doggy face.  Sometimes I like to roam so if you see me out please call the number on my collar so Mom can pick me up :)

Hi . . . This is Izzy,

Shes about 2 yrs old. She was adoped from Lancaster Animal Shelter. Izzy loves to sleep in the bed with us and is very sweet and loveable! She lives with Debbie Packey and Michael Wilson. She loves sour cream and onion potato chips!

Hi, My name is Izzy,

This photo was taken Christmas evening on Hull Creek. It is a photo of my step-mom, Joyce Mullins, holding "Izzy" her young labradoodle. (Izzy seems to think she is still lap dog size.) Izzy is sporting a bright orange Virginia Tech Hokies T-shirt, so that she is not mistaken for a deer in the Cherry Hill woods.

Hello...My name is Riley!

I found my forever home about 3 years ago with Wade and Crystal Chatham. They found out about me from someone and fought til they got me. I was left behind in the cold and not taken care of very well. I couldn't even see out of my eyes due to inverted eyelashes. Since I have had a loving and caring family I have grown to be a couch potato! I can only hope that all my dog friends out ther keep up hope and one day they will too have a great home!

Hi, my name is Miley Mussari.
I live with my new adopted family Joy, Bill, Bradley and Dylan Mussari in White Stone. There is also this cat I live with, Sammy.  I am only 8 weeks old but I love  walks with my family, playing outside and snuggling up in my warm bed for nice long naps. 

We are the Rt. 17 kittens.

Rebecca found us just west of Tappahannock on Rt. 17.  She took us home and cared for us until we grew big enough to be adopted.  We all now have great new forever homes.

Woof! My name is Macy . . .

. . . and live with my mom (Valerie Rich). As you can see, I like to relax and enjoy the fresh air. Yes, I have a wonderful and privilege life; but, I also give back by not bugging my family to let me outside, since one of my many talents is opening the door myself.

Hi, I am Bagel.

My parents love me and take me to the Pet B&B in Heathsville (804)453-7111 - www.PetBandB.com, www.facebook.com/PetBandB when they travel. The people there treat me very lovingly and give me belly rubs and say a prayer for me every night.

Hi, my name is Bear

. . . .and I’m looking for that special family who want to give me a another chance. I was taken to the shelter earlier this year and no one even told me why or what I might have done wrong. I know I’m not perfect but I also know that if the right person or family gave me a chance they wouldn’t be sorry. Please call my friend Michele, 804-438-6121 to chat about what would be a good time for us to meet.

Hi..My name is Ladybug Robertson . . . .

. .. and live with my mom and dad, Shelli and Troy Robertson in White Stone.I like to go for walks and chase after the squirrels. I also like visiting my grandparents and getting treats.

Hi..my name is Alpine Robertson

. . . and I live with my mom and dad Shelli and Troy in White Stone. I love to go on car rides and cookout on my deck with my family. Sneaking treats and playing with my toys is always fun too!

Greetings and Salutations! I am formally known as H.R.H. the Principessa Sophia...

but my friends just call me Sophie). I am the cat in this picture in case you are wondering. This is me on the deck with the lady that feeds me. Her name is Lynn Lennon, (I think). I was scared when she took this picture of us in the webcam. The neighbor's black lab was bounding around in the yard playing with that boy that won't stop picking me up. Uck! I hate dogs. Cats rule and dogs drool! Overall life is sweet sleeping in the sun on the deck on Sandy Point.

Hi, I'm Lime the Snake

Lime is a young green snake that resides in Mrs. Virginia Booth's class at Lancaster Middle School. When he's not in the classroom, he lives with his owner Rachel Valdrighi in Weems.

Cayden and Kelsey Bishoff's (ages 4 and 2) turtle was found in their backyard after Hurricane Irene. It is about the size of a 50 cent piece and enjoys a diet of blackberries and strawberries and is quite fiesty!

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