Spring Art Show winners announced

Lancaster County Public Schools art teachers this week posted the winners of the 27th annual Spring Art Show of April 25-26.

The art show is such fun each year, said Lancaster Primary School art teacher Kendra Hunt. Special thanks go to so many in the community, including Rappahannock Art League for volunteer judges Marie Armstrong, Nadine Flood, Susan Christopher, Tom Fox and LCPS alumni Natalie Jackson. Maeghaen Eley served as the edible art judge.

The RAL also provided funding for all art awards, said Hunt. The primary and middle school PTAs generously helped check in and cash awards for edible art. The school system also assists with substitutes, drivers, busing, moving equipment and school use. Multiple-day volunteers included Christopher, Alexis Forrester, Susan Hunt and Tammy Agee.

In addition to art by Hunt’s students, the show included the work of Lancaster Middle School students, teacher, Marilyn Sprouse; and Lancaster High School students, teacher, Sandy Manning.

Edible art winners

Best in Show, Ryleigh Sorey.

Early childhood-kindergarten, first, Susana Geier; second, Marikazjah Ball; third, Bentley Eppihimer; honorable mention, Jalea Mitchell, Scarlett Jackson, Harlem Davis, Kylee Noel, and Kaymon and Anari Veney.

Grades 1-3, first, Addison George; second, Jayden and Logan Coates; third, Marcus Crawley; honorable mentions, Colby Crandall, Braden George, Carlmone Noel, Zhy’Aianna Morris, Lily Deale, Jett Crandall, Kelsey and Cayden Bishoff, Nicholas Smith and Abbigail Cook.

Grades 4-6, first, Mason Walker; second, Lilly Hathaway; third, Adele Schneider; honorable mention, LaShawnda Laws, Cryshon Ross, Haley Lewis, Victoria Ray Geier, Madison Schneider and Riley Jackson.

Grades 7-8, first, Zykeria Lee, Anijah Ball and Janiya Redmond; second, Raven Hottinger; third, Destiny McCarraher; honorable mention, Hailey Smith, Jaylyn Carter, Olivia Saunders and Kylie Ewell.

LPS winners

Best in Show, Garren Wardlaw, grade 2.

3 year old-kindergarten, first, Aydin Waters; second, Jahmia Murphy; third, Javeon Grant.

Grades 1-3, first, Elizabeth Keyser; second, Jett Crandall; third, Lavonte Cooke.

3D, first, Keryona Smith; second, Jade Harris; third, Knowell Garrett.

Teachers Choice, 3 year old Meziyah Betts; kindergarten, Jalea Mitchell, Zoey McMahon; grade 1, Brady Hardesty, Chanell Taylor, Venieka Muirhead, Darius Boles; grade 2, Keymari Smith, Jykese Smith; grade 3, Trevor Pittman, Isabel Keyser, Andrew Thomas.

Honorable mention, 3 year old, Makayla Nelson, Jaelyn Tomlin, Xavier Gregory, Justin Mitchell, Brielle Smith and Aydin Waters; pre-kindergarten, Rosalie Skillings, Aayden Hebbons, Faith Wardlaw, Kenzie Broske, Storm Baublitz, Brody Eley, Kiyan Rich, Alexis Ball, Savannah Windsor, Jordan Bromley; kindergarten, Faith Thomas, Aiyuanna Neurell, Celeste Haynie, Jamal Levere, Cassie Gaskins, Logan Oren, Zoie Craft, Xavier Morris.

Also, grade 1, Aaron Newman, Isaiah Robinson, Autumn Haydon, Kenzie Pittman, Senaiyah Owens, Brandi Wade, Addi Eanes, Addison George, Alexis Vermeer, Darrieon Holden, Anya Taylor, Aubrey Somers, Kenny Chen, Za’Kai Scott, Karmyn Davis, Alexis Ashburn, Aameri Neurell, Dixie Farrell, Aliyah Segar, Heaven Carter, Dior Pinn, Vivi Pham, Liberty Pinn, Darius Jones, Zy’Yare Ball, Clement Williams, Maddie Somers, Jovan Boyd.

Also, grade 2, Evan George, Lily Deale, Hope Hayden, Liam Harding, Jakayla Smith, Carrington Fussell, Abbi Cook, Carlmone Noel, Matthew Ramos, Kamiyah Thomas, William Ball, Darius Newbill, Rory Lally, Davuan Wright, Jahlil Hebbons, Devontrey Wright, Serenity Ball, Samanie Noel, Trynitee Boyd, Curshawn Porter, Deonte Hudnall.

Also, grade 3, Ariah Jones, Darius Toulson, Thomas Stickler, Shawntel Sutton, Sydney Gray, Larry Veney, Amonti Jackson, Noah Benson, Jayden Coates, Envy Davenport, Jamarcus Russell, Diana McNair, Tajae Bibbens, ReAnna Veney.

LMS winners

Best in Show, Rozalina “Gracie” Delany, grade 5.

Grades 4-5, first, Russel Spears-Blootlemy; second Aniyah Everett, third, LaShawnda Laws; teachers choice, Anna Raymos, Jayla Beale, Keira Wheatley, Daveon Newbill; honorable mention, Gracy West, Hailey Lewis, Will Shappard 111, Laura Canter, Shayla Williams, Latine Bowman, Creston Saunders, Kaylee Roshia, Sarah McGee,  Jocelyn Hasson, DaNayiah Coffield, Jesse Donovan, Kodi Uhler, Lamar Mattocks, Lucy McDaniels, Crystal Chen, Logan Nundahl; teachers choice, Anna Raymos, Jayla Beale, Keira Wheatley, Daveon Newbill.

Grades 6-8, first, Destiny McCarraher; second, Keniyah Smith; third, Victoria Ray Geier; honorable mention, Peggylou Abbott, Desire Rich, Jack Le (2)Mackenzie Bartlett, Brittney Nelson, Kayleigh Selph, Jason Curry, Michael Foulkes, X’Zaveion Owens, Tiara Goldsberry, Nathan Forrester, Timothy Brown, Gabriella Urrea, Ainsley Mumford, Carter McGee, Kaylen Lee, Shelby Rose (2), Isaac White, Janiyah Redmond, Porschea Skillings, Nimiyah Williams, Ma’Taja Littlejohn; teachers choice, Amanda Steensma, Tiffany Thomas, Alyssa Ramos, and Jmiaya Boyd.

Dimensional works 4-8, first, Jada Ashburn-Frame; second, Cassidy Thomas; third, Shannon Leigh; honorable mentions, Kaylen Lee, Kayleigh Selph, Carissa Davis, Karson Roop, Cryshon Ross, Victoria Ray Geier, Tylil Walters, Aniyah Brown, Rachel Taft, Layla Harding, Seartis Turner, Samantrha Kellum, Tyler Rhodes, Nehemiah White; teachers choice, Sean Thomas, Elizabeth Woolard, Crystal Chen.

LHS winners

Best in Show, Krishawn Wiggins.

Photo/graphic design, first, Krishawn Wiggins; second, Shelbylyn Stoneburner; third, Tyleigha Reese; honorable mention, Alora Tyson, Carlos Norris (3), Logan Cook (2), Nicole Srickler, Topanga Bottlemy; teachers choice, Kyran Gaskins and Jamie Howard, Sophie Headley, Tyleigha Reese.

Drawing, first, Aki Tiggle; second, Hannah Wilmer; third, Jacob Bavuso; honorable mention, Bryanna Crabb, Hannah Wilmer.

Painting, first, Sophie Headley; second, Hannah Wilmer; third, Sophie Headley; honorable mention, Jessie Pittman, Shelbylyn Stoneburner, Zoe Nonnemacker, Sophie Headley (2), Taja Cain, Donovan Gregory; teachers choice, Moriah Clarke, Kiran Bhattarai, Shelbylyn Stoneburner, Elianna Bavuso, Karonde Neal.

Sculpture, first, Caitlyn Headley; second, Hunter Hollingsworth; third, Karonde Neal; honorable mention, Jae’Quan Veney, Donovan Gregory.

Crafts, first, Hannah Wilmer; second, Aki Tiggle; third, Tyus Clayton; honorable mention, Jessie Pittman, Hunter Hollingsworth, Aki Tiggle, Angel Strickler, Topanga Bottlemy; teachers choice, Tyus Clayton, Alora Tyson, Jhamari Gordon.

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