$700,000 awarded for Callao revitalization

CALLAO—Gov. Ralph Northam recently announced more than $10.9 million in Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) including a $700,000 competitive grant towards the Callao Business District Revitalization project in Northumberland County.

An application for the county’s third grant was submitted in March to fund its just-completed revitalization implementation plan, reported economic development commission executive director Theresa Lambert.

The total revitalization budget is $1,546,720, including the recent $700,000 grant and additional funding from other public and private sector resources. The grant funds will be directed at improvements along Northumberland Highway from the traffic light to the Callao Supply building.

Grant funds will improve building facades, remove blight, design and install gateway and directional signage, and install landscaping, street furniture, lighting and pedestrian crossings…