A small act of kindness gets returned in a big way

by Jackie Nunnery

From left are Tyson Foods driver Orlando Thomas, Jean-Carlo Gachet of Chesterfield and Nora Venegas of Tyson Foods. Photo by Jackie Nunnery

For Jean-Carlo Gachet, it is normally an eight- to ten-hour trip from Chesterfield, where he is a driver for Abilene Motor Express, to Savannah, Ga., and one that he has made many times.

However, his trip January 3 in the midst of a snowstorm will be one he is unlikely to ever forget.

Like hundreds of others, Gachet was caught in the 40-mile, 24-hour traffic jam on Interstate 95. But unlike many of the other drivers, Gachet was better equipped to spend the night in his vehicle, complete with a microwave and extra food. Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls to be exact.

Gachet offered a warm meal to those in the car next to him, posting a video of the interaction to his Twitter account and it went viral….[to-view-more]