Agencies on Aging seek vaccine priority for seniors

RICHMONDIt is estimated that 80% of all COVID-19 deaths could be prevented if those over 65 are vaccinated.

“Virginia should prioritize those most at risk of death and serious illness,” said Ron Boyd, president of the Virginia Association of Area Agencies (V4A) and chief executive officer of the Local Office on Aging in Roanoke.

“We should follow the example of our neighbors in Tennessee, Maryland and Delaware,” said Boyd. “They recognize that vaccinating older members of their communities, more so than other groups, will reduce acute care demands as they make up over 70% of those being hospitalized.”

“The current lack of priority for administering the COVID-19 vaccine to older adults continues to contribute to the high rate of hospitalization and death among this age group,” said Bay Aging president and chief executive officer Kathy Vesley. 

“90% of COVID-19 deaths in Virginia are people over the age of 60. Including older adults in a priority group (1b) comprised of half the population of Virginia (4,000,000+) does not constitute priority,” said Vesley.

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