All’s quiet on the local election front

KILMARNOCK—Voter registration officials serving Lancaster and Northumberland counties this week reported a “very low” level of interest in upcoming local elections.

Candidates have only until June 8 to meet signature requirements, complete the necessary paperwork and file for the November 2 ballot.

As of Friday, April 16, no one had filed for positions in Lancaster County—“not even the incumbents,” said voter registrar Susan Jett. Only two individuals had picked up candidate packets for school board seats and none for the board of supervisors.

Likewise, Northumberland County voter registrar Kathy Davenport said no one had yet filed for the school board or board of supervisors.

Lancaster and Northumberland counties each have two seats on the school board and board of supervisors coming up for election this year.

In Lancaster County, District 1 and District 5 seats are up….[to-view-more]