Another incidence of road rage, this time draws a stiffer sentence

Jackie Nunnery

by Jackie Nunnery

KILMARNOCK—It was August 14, 2020, when Jason Verlander stood before the Lancaster County Circuit Court and said that his two month sentence for two misdemeanor hate crime assaults and felony destruction of property would be a turning point for him. He told his victims of his anger issues and how he was “tired of living with it.”

Fast forward eight months and, on April 14, Verlander appeared in Lancaster County General District Court, charged with misdemeanor assault and battery, two misdemeanors for reckless driving, two misdemeanors for driving on a suspended license and two felonies for eluding police. The charges all started with a similar case of road rage.

Rodney Canter of Callao filed a complaint with a magistrate in Lancaster County on January 30, alleging that Verlander had followed him to the intersection of Irvington Road and South Main Street in Kilmarnock and “got out of the car using profanity and blocked the intersection….[to-view-more]