Atlantic Union Bank donates $5,000 to LVHS library capital campaign

The Lancaster Virginia Historical Society (LVHS) recently reported Atlantic Union Bank provided a $5,000 grant for the new History and Genealogy Research Library.

“My fellow board members and I are very excited about the plans and fundraising underway for a new research facility for the historical society and our community,” said capital campaign chairman Ammon G. Dunton Jr.

“The current LVHS library, developed over the past 61 years, is a major repository of information about the history of Lancaster, its inhabitants, and their descendants. We definitely need more space to accommodate public users and our ever-growing collection of reference materials such as family trees, bible registers, census data, and county court records,” said Dunton.

 Atlantic Union Bank, whose Virginia roots go back to 1902, is headquartered…[to-view-more]