Bank hosts Chesapeake Academy students

Chesapeake Academy first graders recently visited Bank of Lancaster for “Teach Children to Save Day.” Monica McDearmon of the Virginia Bankers Association (left) and Ann Marchetti with Bank of Lancaster also participated in a tour conducted by Hazel Farmer.

Bank of Lancaster recently shared the “Teach Children to Save Day” program with Chesapeake Academy first graders and their teacher Kelly Antonio.

The event was a part of the Bank’s “Teach Children to Save” efforts,  an annual campaign each April, sponsored by the American Bankers Association’s Educational Foundation and the Virginia Bankers Association.

The program provides an opportunity for banks to partner with schools and share tips on how to spend and save wisely, said senior vice president and consumer education director Hazel Farmer.

“This program helps young students to discover the joys and rewards of saving for something special, provides an understanding of the difference between a want and a need, and gives them practical training on how to develop the know-how needed to manage their money,” said Farmer.

Students also toured the bank’s corporate office in Kilmarnock and enjoyed lunch at Lee’s Restaurant in Kilmarnock.

“If good savings habits can be learned early, it will help these youngsters become wiser money managers and help them from making poor financial decisions as young adults that could take years to overcome,” said Farmer. “As community bankers, we want to help young people achieve a sound financial future; and we have been proud to be a part of the ‘Teach Children to Save Day’ program since its inception 20 years ago.”

She also indicated that over the past 20 years, the bank has reached thousands of students with Teach Children To Save Day, Get Smart About Credit Day and Bank Day programs, as well as the educational opportunities the school bank at Lancaster Middle School provides.

“We are honored to enjoy a great partnership with our local schools and would like to take this opportunity to again thank all of them for giving us the opportunity to share with their students,” said Farmer.