Bob and Helen Pittman celebrate 50th anniversary

Bob and Helen Pitman of Kilmarnock celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on August 9 with their immediate family at their daughter’s home.  

Helen Layne McAllister of Dinwiddie County met Robert Melvin Pitman of Kilmarnock when they were both freshmen in college, she at Radford College and he at Virginia Tech. They met during a dating-game portion of a mixer hosted by and held at the Radford Baptist Student Union. They completed each other’s section of the famous quote “Speak softly and” …. “Carry a big stick.”  Bob said he searched all around the room for the right girl until he saw a good-looking brunette stamping her foot, shaking her head and impatiently calling out, “Who has speak softly and ???”  

They were married on a sweltering day at… [to-view-more]