Book sale proceeds to help Partners for Pets

Gail Wilson Kenna, a college professor in five countries, a current Soul-Keats/ San Francisco literary judge, author of four published books and a 2012 Bread Loaf fiction scholarship winner, has written her first children’s book. The Contumacious Cat depicts with humor how frequent moves create stress for families and pets.

Kenna recently announced that a $10 donation towards the purchase of the book means the Northern Neck Partners for Pets will receive an extra $10 in matching funds towards a current $50,000 challenge. The book will be available for purchase at the Irvington Farmers Market on Saturdays, September 1 and October 6, at the Irvington Commons, 98 King Carter Drive, Irvington.

“Please look at the book and see the playful 30-word glossary for children and adults,” said Kenna. “Contumacious means disobedient/unruly.”