Brisk, smooth elections are underway

by Jackie Nunnery

Charlotte Mozingo of Commonwealth Assisted Living at Kilmarnock recently voted by mail. Mozingo, who is 100 years old, said this is the most important election of her lifetime. Photo courtesy of Commonwealth Assisted Living at Kilmarnock

KILMARNOCK—Election Day, November 3, is three weeks away and many voters in Northumberland and Lancaster counties have already cast their ballots, taking advantage of the Commonwealth’s new laws allowing for early voting and expanded mail-in voting for 2020.

In addition to allowing 45 days to vote, the General Assembly expanded the ability to vote by mail, allowing people to request a ballot without a reason and allowing them to submit a ballot without a witness signature due to pandemic concerns.

Northumberland voter registrar Kathy Davenport said about 1,300 people have voted in person since early voting started… [to-view-more]