Budget talks address pay raises and county contributions to non-governmental interests

LANCASTER—Discussion at the Lancaster board of supervisors budget work session March 13 focused on spending for public safety and education. A 3% across the board raise for all county employees was also a topic for consideration.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) inflation rate increase averages 2.06% in the past 15 years but Lancaster’s inflation rate is significantly higher, said District 5 supervisor Robert Westbrook.

“We have had an annual rate of change of 6.34%. If we follow the BLS statistics, it would be 2.06%,” he said. “A 2% increase in salary theoretically keeps everyone at the same point.”

Lancaster traditionally gives money to many organizations. Westbrook suggested this practice be discussed because the county is facing limited revenues as funding decreases from sources outside the county.

“Every dollar we spend for one worthy thing is a dollar we don’t have for another worthy thing,” he said…