Callao Supermarket celebrates 70 years

From left are Bob and Chris Burgess.

by Madison White Franks

On Friday, February 13, 1948, Callao Supermarket opened its doors to the public.

The small-town supermarket now operated by third and fourth generation members of the family, Bob Burgess and his son Chris, recently celebrated its 70th anniversary.

Bob Burgess’s father, Robert E. Burgess, was working as a bread salesman when a general store became available for rent in Callao. Robert E. Burgess asked his father Paul Burgess, who was working as a butcher, if he wanted to go into business together.

His father would deal with the meats and he would run everything else, said Bob Burgess.

Paul Burgess and Son was established and opened as a general store in Callao. The store was in a two-story building that stood on what is now the supermarket’s parking lot…