Chapman murder trial gets underway

Jackie Nunnery

by Jackie Nunnery

LANCASTER—It was a full day in Judge R. Michael McKenney’s Lancaster County Circuit Court room on Monday, November 15, as a 14-member jury (two of them alternates) was selected, opening statements were made, and the first witnesses called in what is expected to be a week-long trial of Matthew Scott (Matt) Chapman in the March 18, 2020, shooting death of John Carter Gordon.

Chapman is facing charges of first-degree murder, use of a firearm in a felony and shooting in the commission of a felony.

Opening statements

In his opening statement, Commonwealth’s Attorney Anthony Spencer outlined the state’s case, alleging that Chapman started to “hunt” for Gordon after he found out that Gordon was seeing his now-ex wife, Kerrie, shortly after they separated in January 2020. He said testimony would prove….[to-view-more]