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Chesapeake Academy installs 11th head of school

Jeffrey M. Syzperski addressed the Chesapeake Academy school community at the installation of Julianne D. Keesee as the 11th head of school.

Szyperski, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Chesapeake Bank, stressed the essential role Chesapeake Academy plays in the vitality and growth of the community.

He applauded the contributions of students, parents, faculty and trustees to the school’s ability to have a positive impact not only on its students but on the larger community, reported Beth Clark.

Szyperski described the role of head in independent schools as “ringmaster in a three-ring circus.” He expressed his confidence that Chesapeake Academy’s 11th head would ensure that the school would continue to thrive and to make positive contributions to the world around it.

Representing the Chesapeake Academy board of trustees in their single most important role, chairman Kathryn K. Vose presented Julianne D. Keesee for installation as head of school.

“Julianne Keesee has been duly elected by the board of trustees as the 11th head of school. The board believes that she is well-qualified and carefully selected.”

Vose then charged Keesee to uphold the mission of the school, to nurture and teach the children and to support and lead the faculty—a charge Keesee accepted with honor to a round of applause from the school community.

Keesee charged students to engage in a quest for deepening empathy, which is the school’s character theme for the year.

“Having empathy means you say: “I hear you,” “I want to understand you,” “I see what you see,” “I can share that with you,” said Keesee.

“Empathy is the most important life skill one can have because empathy can change the world,” she continued. “Empathy makes connections between us. When we have a connection to each other, we can accomplish a lot. We can create interesting things together, we can recognize gifts and talents of others, we can maximize our own gifts and talents, we can solve problems together and we can resolve conflicts between us.”

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