Chesapeake Academy integrates robotics across the curriculum

Sixth graders embraced a Lego Robotics challenge to build a complicated Lego arm grabber designed to pick up a candy Easter egg. Once the grabber design was effective, students coded the robot grabber to operate the arm. Within three class periods, four groups of students successfully completed the task and had improved their design to grab more eggs and smaller candies. From left are Jimmy Hodsden, Thomas Major and Delaney Bowman.

All indicators point to jobs in the science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) fields becoming the fastest-growing careers. In fact, jobs in this sector are projected to grow another 17% in the next decade.

“Getting Chesapeake Academy students ready to succeed involves acclimating them to critical and collaborative thinking across a vigorous curriculum, making them well-versed in the design loop, and ensuring that each student has experience and fluency in computer coding early in their educations so these skills can grow, develop, and become independent and creative. To this end, Chesapeake Academy integrates project based learning and STEAM into an Arts & Innovation Initiative across the curriculum that is housed in a state of the art design hub,” said head of school Julianne Duvall.

This Arts & Innovation Initiative reaches throughout the curriculum….[to-view-more]