Chesapeake welcomes 36 new students

New students gather for a group photo at Chesapeake Academy.

Director of admission Kelly Antonio recently announced Chesapeake Academy welcomed 36 new Ospreys for the 2021-22 school year.  

The pre-kindergarten 3 & 4 welcomes Pearl Burke, the daughter of Melissa Burke and Justin Burke; Camden Cornwell, the son of Chelsea Fay and Chris Cornwell; Parker Daniel, the son of Emory and Tyler Daniel; Eartha Duncan, the daughter of Ashley Duncan and Tess Duncan; HaileyRae George, the daughter of Bobbie Duke and Gordon George; and William Harrison, the son of Tiffany and Kevin Harrison.

Also, Cayden Miller, the daughter of Jennifer and Bryan Miller; Taylor Rowe, the son of Mary and Chas Rowe; Juliette Somers, the daughter of Samantha and…..[to-view-more]