Cleanup continues for Irvington and communities hit by tornado

Tynesha Davenport inspects a fallen oak at the Rowe residence on Carters Creek at the end of Rowe’s Point in west Irvington. Photo by Rawleigh Simmons

IRVINGTON—A local emergency has been declared for Lancaster County as a result of the severe weather and tornado which hit April 6, according to Terry McGregor, chief of the county’s emergency management services.

The town of Irvington suffered the most extensive damage from the storm. Irvington Town Council convened for an emergency meeting last Friday to secure competitive bids to clean up the town’s public property. The council’s building and town property committee followed up on Saturday and awarded the job to Magic Tree Service, Inc. to remove trees, stumps, a damaged shed and debris from the town commons. The cost of the work, including replacing topsoil, laying grass seed and straw, is $12,500. Work began Monday.

Residents dealing with storm related debris and destruction have several removal options, said McGregor. Storm related debris, including shrubs, tree trimmings, leaves, limbs and large tree debris, may be disposed of at the R.L. Self Wood Yard, 6088 Mary Ball Road, Lively. There is no charge for storm debris disposal for county residents. Debris generated by commercial activities will also be accepted; however, a fee will be incurred by haulers for disposal of debris.

Small quantities of debris which can be bagged or contained may be brought to any of the county convenience centers. Storm-related construction debris may also be disposed of at the county convenience centers.

Disposal related questions may be directed to Donald Brown, Lancaster County supervisor of solid waste and recycling at 462-5129. Questions related to debris disposal at the Lively Wood Yard can be answered at 462-7913.

Building permit fees will be waived for residents with storm-related property damage requiring a Lancaster County building permit for repair. Questions about permits and fees should be directed to Earnie Sadler at the Lancaster County building of office, 462-5124.