Community Foundation supports summer reading program

On Tuesday mornings, Joyce Ramos of Lancaster takes four of her grandchildren, ages 2-9, to the Kilmarnock Town Centre Park for “Reading in the Park,” part of the Lancaster Community Library’s (LCL) summer reading program for children.

The 9-year-old and the 7-year-old can read. The 4-year-old is learning to read, and the 2-year-old just likes to listen to the stories, which are read aloud by library staff, with songs in between.

Ashley Rowe MacFarlane of Topping also takes her toddler twins, Donny and Elizabeth, to ”Reading in the Park.” They love to hear the stories and it gives her some structure to the day, given the pandemic. And the twins listen to “Babygarten” on Monday mornings where library staff read stories, show the book and turn the book pages on an easel, and sing songs on the library’s Facebook page.

These programs are part of the LCL’s summer reading program, funded by a $12,000 grant from the River Counties Community Foundation. The grant also included funds for sanitation supplies for the reopening of the library and the purchase… [to-view-more]