COVID-19 cancels family’s Christmas

Lisa Hinton-Valdrighi

by Lisa Hinton-Valdrighi

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My family and I had COVID-19 over the holidays, and although it wasn’t the worst illness I’ve ever had, I definitely don’t want it again.

On January 4, twelve days after my symptoms first appeared, I took a shower and got dressed. Not the same sweatpants, slippers and a T-shirt I’d worn for two or three days straight, but real clothes—jeans, boots and a nice sweater. And that was no small feat. For the folks who’ve managed to avoid COVID-19, you have no idea what an accomplishment that was.

Make no mistake, I count our family members among the lucky ones. Our infections were mild. We were fortunate in that we all could recuperate at home. But I now know firsthand how so many end up hospitalized or die from this illness. Symptoms change daily and can range from bothersome to severe. Just when you think you’ve…[to-view-more]