Cupcake event to support Smith Point Sea Rescue

Smith Point Sea Rescue, an all-volunteer organization, is dedicated to helping boaters in trouble in the mid-Chesapeake Bay. Above, Smith Point Sea Rescue volunteers tow a boat in distress through four- to five-foot waves.

KILMARNOCK—The Liz Moore & Associates team in Kilmarnock will offer a tasty selection of four cupcakes in exchange for a donation to a worthy organization, Smith Point Sea Rescue (SPSR), based in Burgess.

The Liz Moore & Associates “Cupcake Wars” is an annual company event where each real estate office offers creatively decorated cupcakes for a donation to a featured local nonprofit. 

“Smith Point Sea Rescue holds a special place in my heart,” said managing broker Sandra Hargett. “My son and husband were in two separate boats, and both were blown aground by strong winds at Fleeton Bar. It was almost dark. The SPSR pulled both boats off the sandbar and sent them safely on their way home. Since then, I’ve given to SPSR so others will also benefit their life-saving efforts.” 

SPSR is an all-volunteer Northern Neck organization dedicated to helping boaters in trouble in the mid-Chesapeake Bay, from Lewisetta on the Potomac River to Carter Creek on the Rappahannock. Volunteers from Lancaster and Northumberland counties operate a five-boat fleet….[to-view-more]