Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Delegate’s Report

by Del. Margaret B. Ransone

As we close the seventh week in Richmond, the House continues to work on Senate Bills while the Senate continues to work on House bills.

On Thursday, February 22, House Bill 29 and House Bill 30 were presented.  The two bills are the proposed two-year budgets. I could not support either. According to the Virginia Constitution, it requires we pass a balanced budget.

In my opinion, if we expand Medicaid we will be faced with serious problems funding education, transportation and public safety, and meeting our requirements to the Virginia Retirement System. I am also very concerned about Virginia’s current Medicaid program that needs reform.
I’m opposed to the Commonwealth accepting the federal money and enroll able-bodied adults who cannot afford insurance. I am opposed to this because the federal government is in debt and I am concerned the cost of new enrollees would further be spread across insured and increase healthcare premiums.

I’m confident with my decision; the budget is an ongoing process and will continue through April.
This week my office was visited by officers from Dahlgren Naval Base, representatives from Omega Protein and seniors from Northumberland High School.

As always, I am truly honored to represent District 99. Please contact my office if you have questions or concerns, 698-1099, or