Do you remember The Texacos?

James Ashburn

by Carroll Lee Ashburn

Meet the players: James Ashburn

Posting an 83-24, James Ashburn is recognized as the second winningest pitcher with the Texacos and the most versatile of the “Big Three” pitchers. He also was an excellent catcher and third baseman. He could play any position and was one of the team’s better hitters.

James joined the Texacos in 1958 with his brother, Wesley, who was also a pitcher.  James pitched the only perfect game in Texacos history when he blanked a good Callao team in 1970. He also was the author of three no-hitters. He and Leonard Rock shared a fourth no-hit contest in 1962. He holds a total of four Texacos pitching records….[to-view-more]