Don’t flush that wipe in Kilmarnock

Kilmarnock town manager Tom Saunders (above) recently announced a public awareness campaign this month urging water and sewer customers not to flush wipes similar to those in the package he is holding.

by Madison White Franks

KILMARNOCK—Town officials are urging citizens to put only the “three p’s” in their toilets, “pee, poo and [toilet] paper.”

At a recent town council meeting, water/sewer committee chairman Michael Sutherland reported on issues caused by “flushable” wipes in Kilmarnock’s sewer system. He says they shouldn’t be flushed.

“They can block both residential and main sewer lines,” said Sutherland. “Cleaning can be costly and time consuming.”

According to town manager Tom Saunders, the issue stretches worldwide…