Eagle Strategies LLC brings gifts to LHS

From left are Lancaster High School assistant principal Barbara Bohannan, William Weimer, Joey Scott and Craig Forman.

Eagle Strategies LLC of Mechanicsville recently presented Lancaster High School 15 copies of “The Game of Life: New York Life Edition.”

The games were presented by financial planner William Weimer and recruiting manager Craig Forman on behalf of New York Life Company in an effort to provide further resources for financial literacy in schools.

“It gives us great pleasure to present these games to Lancaster. Teaching students personal finance is very important for their future well-being and this resource can add some ‘fun’ to the lessons,” said Weimer.

“These games are a great addition to our resources at LHS. I was just about to put in a request to purchase a few copies for next semester, then Mr. Weimer and Mr. Forman showed up with these; a nice little Christmas gift for our EPF program,” said economics/personal finance instructor Joey Scott.

“I cannot thank these gentlemen enough,” continued Scott. “This version of the game runs about $25 a piece, so this community is blessed to have the good-will of companies like Eagle Strategies and New York Life.”