Eight-mile march embodies significance of Independence Day

by Jackie Nunnery

Sgt. Esaw Lee (Army), Manny Paiz (Army, retired), and Wyatt McCranie (Marine Corps) march along Jessie Ball duPont Memorial Highway in Burgess in recognition of July 4 and the generations of soldiers who have marched before them.

Parades and the Fourth of July just go together. But in this year of COVID-19 when so many traditions and milestones have been impacted, it has forced us to ask: What do we keep? What do we give up? What do we reinvent?

When it comes to quintessential small-town parades this time of year, Reedville has a tradition in these parts. When Army Sgt. Esaw Lee realized that Independence Day would go without an official parade, he decided he would do his part. The resulting eight-mile march from…[to-view-more]