From the James to the Great Wicomico: Godspeed makes a brief maintenance visit

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by Jackie Nunnery

Kent Eanes washes the hull of the Godspeed before additional work is done at Tiffany Yachts. Photo by Laura Shackleford

Working on wooden boats is nothing new for Tiffany Yachts, but it’s not every day that they get to work on a piece of history.

The replica of Godspeed, commissioned in 2006, is normally on view at the Jamestown Settlement on the James River near Williamsburg, but recently came to Glebe Point for regular maintenance on its hull. According to manager Laura Shackleford, the ship was hauled and its hull washed and repainted before returning to the water. The whole process took about a week.

This was not the ship’s first trip up the Great Wicomico….[to-view-more]