Go Native—Grow Native

Arrowwood is covered in large, lacy white flower clusters in May that attract a large number of pollinators. Arrowwood flaunts showy clusters of dark blue fruit in early fall that are relished by a variety of song and game birds. Photos by Betsy Washington

Submitted by Betsy Washington, Northern Neck Chapter, Virginia Native Plant Society

Viburnum dentatum, arrowwood or southern arrowwood Viburnum

The viburnums are a wonderful group of native landscape shrubs with multiple seasons of interest. Arrowwood, Viburnum dentatum, is a standout among them and is native to the Coastal Plain of Virginia—including all of the Northern Neck—where it is found in moist floodplain forests, wet flatwoods, seepage swamps and even tidal and alluvial swamps.

Despite its affinity for moist soils, it can also be found in dry upland woods. As we enter early fall, this Viburnum is a showstopper and brightens its surroundings with large clusters of 1/3-inch diameter fruit which… [to-view-more]