A Brief Historical Sketch


In the mid 1800's there were creek-side brush arbor prayer meetings at Garner's Hill. They soon moved inland and built a meeting house: Carter's Creek Church. Denominational membership was maintained in distant churches of each particular persuasion.

By the late 1800's the Presbyterians had formed the Campbell Memorial Church, and the Methodist had built a fine new building.

The present sanctuary was dedicated January 8, 1891, as the Carter's Creek Baptist Church. In 1895 when we formally organized the church we chartered as the Irvington Baptist Church.

During the 1920's the front portico was added to the church. In the 1930's stained glass windows were installed and a baptistry completed. The balcony was also added for classroom space and worship attendance overflow. In the 1940's we built a rear addition.

We have had 14 pastors: Frederick W. Claybrook, Harry Jeter Goodwin, Edmund LaFayette Hardcastle, Albert Edwards Estall, Joseph Hathaway Cosby, Rueben E. Alley, R. Clayton Pitts, John Leslie Hart, William W. Wright, Richard T. Bray Jr., William Owen Dillard Jr., Richard C. Newlon, Harvey Tildon Myers and John Howard Farmer.

Our first organ was an Estey pump model, then a Hammond electric organ until 1987, when it was replaced by our Allen. In the 1950's we received an electronic memorial chime. In 1982 we received a second electronic chime system given by Mr. and Mrs. William B. Graham.

Several major facility renovations were undertaken from the 1960's through 1994. Much of what we accomplished was done thanks to the generous memorials placed in our trust.

We have sent four persons into full-time Christian service: Thomas Wade Croxton, Dr. George Oliver, Ellen Douglas Oliver and William Latane Lumpkin.

In 1992 plans were drawn by William Henry Harris. Auger Construction Company built the Memorial Hall addition, a $250,000 project. We broke ground for the new Memorial Hall on Sunday, August 14, 1994 . When dedicated on January 8, 1995, the total project including furnishings eventually cost us around $380,000. We are debt free.

(A full historical account may be found in the anthology A Century of Service: The Carter's Creek Baptist Church, by John Howard Farmer, Irvington, 1991)

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