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World renown musician's concert will benefit Boys and Girls Club

 The Sunday Place for Everyday Christians since 1891

Tax ID: 54-1250362
53 King Carter Drive (Route 200 & King Carter Drive), Post Office Box 417
Irvington, Virginia 22480
(804) 438-6971 Church, (804) 438-6787 Pastor’s Study
Email: jhf.ibc@verizon.net

Clerk: Bonnie Jean Robertson
Deacon Chairman: Fred E. Burke, Jr.
Deacon Chairman-elect: James Monroe Robertson, III
Treasurer: Rebecca Benson Cross
Organist: Gloria Lee Jones

John Howard Farmer
(since 1960)

Lena Dixon,
Carolyn P. Graham, Gaye Nell Zeb, & Lena Dixon

Sunday School Co-Directors:
Cherie Weeks Fowler & Alexander McDonald Fleet

R. Wayne Nunnally, Chair; Rebecca B. Cross
& James Monroe Robertson, III

Youth Director:
Hazel Shelton Farmer

In Touch Mission Group President (IBITS):
Cathy H. Bryant