Irvington residents express frustration at budget hearing

by Jackie Nunnery

IRVINGTON—On June 6, the Irvington Town Council held public hearings on four budget ordinances, including a proposed fiscal year 2019-20 budget.

While there was little comment on the first two items—the readoption of administrative and zoning fees and a 2% transient occupancy tax rate—the real estate tax and the 2019-20 budget drew frustrated comments from those in attendance.

The overall proposed budget, totaling $226,021, brought up concerns about how the town is choosing to spend tax dollars, mostly when it comes to discretionary spending in the community support and tourism promotion category. The proposed amount of $35,150 is double that of what was budgeted just two years ago and is up 62% from what was spent in 2017.

Residents also expressed concern about…