JoAnn’s retiring? Never!

JoAnn Blelloch turned 90 in December and will soon leave her position as the town clerk of White Stone. Photo by Lisa Hinton-Valdrighi

by Lisa Hinton-Valdrighi

JoAnn Blelloch is not the retiring type.

We chatted a few weeks ago in her office at the White Stone Town Hall. Surrounded by her computer, file cabinets and lots of paperwork, she was happy, smiling and laughing, content in her position as the town clerk. So her leaving is bittersweet.

She was obviously skirting the word ‘retirement,’ quick to point out her departure doesn’t mean she’s slowing down. At 90 years old, she’s simply moving on to the next chapter.

That’s right: JoAnn is 90 years young. She doesn’t act or look her nine decades and she keeps the town office running like a well-oiled machine. For years in fact, I thought she was the mother of Mayor Randy Reeves, who sweetly refers to her as ‘Mom’ during council meetings….[to-view-more]