Kay Inskeep celebrates a century

Kay Inskeep celebrated her 100th birthday with bridge and golfing friends at Indian Creek Yacht & Country Club. From left are Alison Holman, Rhea Frances Talley,  Shirley Pleasants, Inskeep, Molly Wroth, Theresa Williamson and Joan May.

by Jackie Nunnery

It’s not every day that someone turns 100, and members of the Wicomico Parish Church (WPC) are excited for one of their own—even if the recipient is a bit puzzled by all of the attention paid to the milestone.

“I haven’t even thought about it at all,” said Kay Inskeep, just prior to turning 100 years old on February 17. Friends and members of her church have been showering her with birthday wishes, but a planned recognition on Sunday, February 14, at the church was canceled due to weather. It didn’t matter. Later in the week, friends took her…[to-view-more]