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Lancaster County Circuit Court Report

by Audrey Thomasson

LANCASTER—Judge Harry T. Taliaferro III presided over the following cases in Lancaster County Circuit Court on October 20.

Joshua Tyler Williams, 21, of Mathews entered a guilty plea to stealing a homeowner’s wallet while working construction at an Irvington residence and making over $2,500 in purchases on a stolen credit card.

He admitted to felony credit card fraud and larceny, but objected to a charge of felony receiving goods for those purchases. Defense attorney Carl Failmezger claimed Williams received the online purchases at his home in Mathews County and not in Lancaster.

Judge Taliaferro ruled against Failmezger’s motion to dismiss the charge of receiving stollen goods. The action nullified a plea agreement worked out with Commonwealth’s Attorney Jan Smith.

Therefore, Failmezger requested a pre-sentence report. Sentencing will take place on January 26.

Jerrick Deion Saunders of Weems was denied bond while awaiting trial on probation violations on felony and misdemeanor convictions. He was granted a one-day furlough to attend his cousin’s funeral.

Sharon Kay Pelkey of Weems is charged with probation violations on nine felony convictions. Her case was set for trial on January 26.

Antonio Darrell Tiggle of Lancaster had a charge of felony possession of a controlled substance dismissed after an annual review and completion of community service.

The case against Terrence Marcel Clarke of Kilmarnock on charges of selling a Schedule I/II controlled substance was taken under advisement for a year. He pled guilty to obstruction of justice and was given a 12-month sentence, all suspended minus 46 days served, for videotaping police evidence of the drug transaction and posting it online. His sentence included 100 hours of community service, driver’s license suspended for six months, completion of a drug program and restitution of $100 to Virginia State Police (VSP), plus court costs. Review was set for October 26, 2018.

The case against S. Annette Chewning of Weems on charges of selling Schedule I/II drugs was continued to December 15 after defense attorney Patrick O’Brien filed a motion to be released from the case. Judge Taliaferro appointed attorney Elizabeth Hurd to represent Chewning.

The trial of Cintez Carneal Gibson of Lancaster was continued to December 15 on a motion by defense.

Matthew Tony Rasmussen of Kilmarnock entered a plea of guilty to an amended charge of misdemeanor DWI, first offense. He was sentenced to 60 days, all suspended, ordered to pay $250 in fines and court costs of $266. His operating license was suspended for one year and he was placed on two years’ supervised probation. A second charge of reckless driving was nolle prosequi.

John Maurice Thomas of Lancaster entered a plea of guilty to an amended charge of arson, assault and battery of a family member and misdemeanor destruction of property. He was sentenced to a total of 12 years with 10 suspended, two years of supervised probation and ordered to pay court costs of $970 and a $500 fine, with $250 suspended. Thomas also was given two years supervised probation and ordered to seek treatment for drug/alcohol abuse.

The trial of Keywon Maquee Gaskins of Kilmarnock, charged with felony distribution of a controlled substance and misdemeanor distribution of marijuana, was set for December 15.

Damien T. Dandridge of Lancaster entered a plea of guilty to an amended charge of felony petit grand larceny. He was sentenced to 60 days, all suspended, given two years unsupervised probation, ordered to pay restitution of $174 to VSP and court costs of $883. A second charge of felony sale of marijuana was nolle prosequi.

Deandre Lucas of Lottsburg had misdemeanor charges of possession and sale of marijuana nolle prosequi.

Keith Charles Richardson of Kilmarnock entered a plea of guilty to misdemeanor possession of marijuana. He was sentenced to 30 days, all suspended, two years unsupervised probation, six month restricted driver’s license and $250 fine. A second charge of misdemeanor distribution of marijuana was nolle prosequi.

Linnell Sylvester Burrell Jr. of Weems entered a plea of guilty to DWI, first offense. He was sentenced to 60 days, all suspended, one year restricted license, two years unsupervised probation, pay $541 in court costs and $250 fine, and ordered to attend a substance abuse program. A second charge of possession of a controlled substance was nolle prosequi.

Thomas Earl Kelly Jr. withdrew his appeal on an assault and battery conviction in General District Court from September 12. He was sentenced to serve 30 days in jail and ordered to take an anger management class and enter a drug abuse program. He also received one year unsupervised probation and was ordered to pay a $250 fine and court costs of $286.

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