Lancaster revs up for the 2022-23 budget

Jackie Nunnery

by Jackie Nunnery

LANCASTER—The Lancaster board of supervisors on Thursday, January 27, took steps to prepare for budget season, reviewing the audit, the existing budget and approving a calendar in order to have an approved budget before the June 30 deadline.

County administrator Don Gill reviewed the fiscal year 2021-22 budget with the board. At the halfway mark, Gill said, “We’ve collected 74% of our anticipated revenues and spent 49% of approved expenditures.”

When adopted in June 2021, the operating budget included a beginning fund balance of $5,628,327; revenues of $33,697,161; expenditures of $33,952,623 and an ending fund balance of $5,372,865.

However, the audited beginning fund balance was $7,360,608, a difference of $1,732,281. Gill said this is due to….[to-view-more]