Lancaster School board welcomes new members

Reporting for duty, school board members from left are Margaret Socey, Kenya Moody, chairman Joan Gravatt, vice chairman Cindy Clarke and Faith Kemp.

by Jackie Nunnery

KILMARNOCK—The Lancaster school board, on January 10, began the new year by welcoming new members and holding elections for board officers.

New members Faith Kemp, representing District 1, and Margaret Socey, District 5, were sworn in at the start of the meeting by Circuit Court Clerk Diane Mumford. Their terms began January 1 and will continue through December 31, 2025.

In 4-0 votes, Joan Gravatt of District 4 was re-elected chairman and Cindy Clarke of District 3 was elected vice chairman. In 5-0 votes, Amanda Molineaux was elected board clerk and Jennifer Benson, deputy clerk.

Among annual assignments, Moody was appointed to the Northern Neck Regional Special Education board; Clarke, the Northern Neck Regional Technical Center; Socey, the Chesapeake Bay Governor’s School; Clarke, the Virginia School Board Association delegate; Moody, the Virginia School Board Association alternate delegate; and Kemp, the Lancaster County Virginia Education Foundation.

Capital plan

In a 5-0 vote, the board approved a $61,103,500 capital improvement plan for fiscal years 2023-27. The majority of the plan is the $60 million middle school/high school project….[to-view-more]